What’s It Worth?

I’m going shopping tomorrow at one of my favorite shopping destinations, the Clinton Outlets. They’re nice outlets and they have all the key stores I like to frequent. Although the biggest reason I like shopping there is the discounted prices especially at J. Crew. The discounts aren’t TREMENDOUS but good enough to keep me coming back. As I was thinking about what I needed to buy for vacation next month, I came across a stack of receipts. I’ve been saving them whenever I buy cloths. Truth be told, I only remember about half the time. You’ll laugh, but the reason I save them is for insurance. Since I’ve started working in the insurance biz I’ve noticed that when people have burglaries or fires they are always asked for receipts to prove value for what they’re claiming to have owned. I don’t own anything of major value so every little bit counts. The most expensive single item I own is my mattress (which I don’t have a receipt for) Everything else consists of Ikea furniture, Target home accessories, and a cheep 7 year old television. I realized that if I ever lost my belongings in a fire the only proof of ownership I’d have is a swelling Visa bill. I’d probably get money for my bed and maybe a $100-$200 for the tv and knick-knacks combined. But all the cloths I would have to replace would more then double any reimbursement I would receive.
Finding those receipts also prompted me to start adding up the amount of money I spend on cloths. After about a 1/2 hour I was able to get a grand total from looking back at my receipts and online credit statements. I was pleasantly surprised because in the last 6 months (since August 2011) I’ve spent just under $600 on clothing. I was worried it’d be thousands. My sister brought up a good point when she asked if I buy more cloths in the winter or summer. To be honest I’m not sure how much it fluctuates but I’ll have to check back in the fall and compare numbers.

The Semi Precious Weapons said it best: “I can’t pay my bills but I look gorgeous!”
On an interesting side note, this key chain is the most expensive clothing & accessory item I own. A lot of people assume I buy nothing but expensive cloths but in fact $100 is my max. The only clothing (& accessories) I own above $100 is a coat and this key chain. Even my favorite Alexander McQueen t-shirt was on sale for $99.

One thought on “What’s It Worth?

  1. I spent $175 on a Christian Audigier t-shirt with bears on the front of it (I think you've seen it.) I had bought several shirts from there all ranging from $75-150. Thankfully that was a phase.


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