Move It or Loose It

I think I’m ready to leave. Leave Connecticut that is. Recently I’ve started to feel like I’m in a rut. Connecticut is a charming quiet state where couples come to settle down. I could complain about the lack of variety in weekend activities, but that wouldn’t be fair. It would be true… but not fair. The problem is me. Have you ever felt like you’ve done all there is to do and seen all there is to see? That’s how I feel about CT. I can confidently check it off my list and leave knowing that I left no stone unturned. It’s time to spread my wings and see what other parts of the country have to offer. In addition, I’ve made strong enough friendships here that can withstand a little distance.

Now the big question…Where do I go? The front runner so far is Boston Massachusetts. The green giant is alluring because it’s far enough away yet still within a reasonable drive to my friends and family. In addition I know a handful of people in the area so I wouldn’t be totally alone in a new city. My biggest hesitation about moving there is the weather. I hate winter and if I’m going to move it would be smart to go south to a better climate. Going north just seems counter productive.
The other option is to make a BIG move. Maryland, Texas, Florida, and the Carolinas are all options. How realistic an option is yet to be determined. Texas and Florida are options because my employer has offices there and I could in theory keep the same job and just move locations. Maryland (and the greater DC area) is listed because it has an ideal climate and a plethora of job opportunities. I only mention the Carolinas because they often have cities ranked in the top ten best places to live. That and the whole warm weather thing.
With the whole country to choose from there are some notable destinations not on my list. California, Chicago, and New York City are all on the No list. Chicago is instantly eliminated because it can get more snow then Boston and honestly I don’t love Oprah enough to deal with that. California and New York seem to expensive and to impersonal. However, much to my dismay, I may have to reconsider them because they are the capitols of the fashion industry that I love. (Le Sigh)
Nothing is definite yet and my apartment lease isn’t up until August so the earliest I would probably move would be Summer or Fall. The other major factor is work. If a job opens up in my company I may not have the luxury of time and planning that I’d like. Conversely I don’t want to move without a job. If I find a dream job it may also bring me to a part of the country that I haven’t considered yet. For example, I applied for a job as a Men’s Allocator (a step toward being a Buyer) in Pittsburgh. Gasp!

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