Grammy Recap

Adele was crowned queen last night at the Grammy Awards. She was the big winner of the evening and she deserved every award she got. She proved that true talent can compete with costumes and over production. In her first major appearance since having throat surgery she looked healthy with lighter colored hair and fresh makeup. Then she belted out Rolling in the Deep proving her voice is better the ever. When Dave Grohl was asked about the Foo Fighter’s chances of winning Album of the Year he was honest, “We had a great album but it’s hard in a year when Adele released one of the greatest albums ever.”
Best New Artist went to Bon Iver continuing the Grammy’s run of giving the award to a very talented yet publicly unknown artist who’ll probably never be heard from again. Do you remember last year’s winner Esperanza Spalding? No of course you don’t.
I was rooting for Nicki Manaj for Best New Artist. That was until I saw her Grammy performance. Oh Nicki… Oh no. No No No No No.  Let’s break it down: First she shows up in a red cloak, a la Red Ridding Hood, arm in arm with a Pope look-a-like. I didn’t mind the red cloak but the huge Versace logo on the front killed it for me. The ‘Pope’ wasn’t needed either. The first thing I thought was ‘Is channeling Sinead O’Connor?’ Nicki, leave the red carpet antics to Lady Gaga. (she does it a lot better) Then she performed her new single Roman Holiday. Ehh… again I was left thinking… ‘Didn’t Madonna do this on her Blond Ambition tour?’ (the horrible song didn’t help either) The whole thing felt forced and worse like something I’ve seen before.

Anyone who saw me Saturday night knows I had one prediction: They are going to call Jennifer Hudson and have her sing a tribute to Whitney Houston. Slam dunk I was right! How did I know? Simple logic, JHud is one of the very few with the vocal talent and range to do justice for Whitney. Second, she’s got the talent and nothing else to do. You know she was probably in town for the Grammys anyway and it’s not like she’s got anything else to do. I may be a cynic but I’ve got to give her credit, when she came out and sang I Will Always Love You it made me cry.
Now to Whitney Houston. She was a legend and an icon. Pure and simple. I’d never had a true emotional reaction to a celebrity’s death before. But as I was driving and heard that she drowned in a bath tub it really caught me off guard. It put a damper on my whole night. Seeing her in concert had always been on my Bucket List. It’s public knowledge that Houston was fighting a loosing battle with drugs and they no doubt played a part in her early death. I thought the Grammys handled her death receptively without making the whole show about her.

My only other observation from the Grammys:
-I didn’t get what Katy Perry’s space age (and ugly) outfit had to do with her song or performance?
-Who was that Russian bitch with the machine gun on her arm?
-Was it me or did they only hand out about 5 awards the whole night? More awards less performances please.
-Rhianna looked amazing. Robyn looked like a Swedish lesbian club kid from 1994.
-I’d still have sex with LL Cool J

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