I Had a Dream About You

My dreams are boring.

I don’t dream a lot and sex dreams are an even smaller minority. When sex does infiltrate my REM sleep it’s usually in on very general terms. The scenario plays out like this: I spend the whole dream trying to get to the sex and once we’re about to get down and dirty the dream ends. How frustrating. It’s extremely rare that the dream includes actual sex. It’s like comparing an R-rated movie scene and getting a cum facial on Xtube. It’s just not the same. For example, last night I dreamt about a friend standing on the porch in front of me talking to someone else. I noticed he had a bit of his delicious ass crack showing. (ass crack is my kryptonite) I proceeded to pull down his mesh shorts and kneel down for a taste. He bent over and I started to seperate his meaty cheacks. Just as I was about to devour his hole with my tongue… BOOM! dream over. Come on you’re killing me! All the build up with out the pay off. Now all day I won’t be able to stop thinking about my face buried in his butt. (or any butt for that matter)
I know what you’re thinking, “You probably just don’t remember the sex part of the dream.” No that’s not it. This has gone on forever. As far back as I can remember the scene has always ended just before I get any action. The last time I got subconsciously laid it was so vivid that I could almost feel the cock in my mouth. I’ll take more of those dreams please. I have to be extra horny and worked up to have an explicit dream but my problem is that I jerk off too regularly. If I’m that horny, I’ll just shoot one or two out before bed. I guess sexless dreams are my cross to bear in life. [to dramatic?]
P.S. I know I know… you just want to know who the dream was about. I only give you one clue: You get his two initials when you invert the name of a popular whole sale club.  

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