Anna Dello Crazy

I love a fashion risk taker. Anna Dello Russo isn’t a just risk taker… she’s an extreme fashion adrenalin junkie and I can’t get enough of her! The Milan resident is the Editor at Large for Vogue Japan. As a modern day Carrie Bradshaw, she’s photographed at every party and runway show and as you can see ADR loves a wacky head piece. Whether it’s charming cherries or a flock of feathers, she has never met a hat she hasn’t loved. (and you can see there’s a hint of real crazy in her eyes) Does she always look good? No. Does she usually look foolish? Yes. That’s what I love about her. Just a big crazy girl with an egg on her head. She rocks over the top outfits and doesn’t care a lick what people think. (She’s also responsible for keeping the face cover/netting industry in business)  If I ever made a Lady Gaga movie, Anna Dello Russo would be cast as either her mother or her fairy god mother. Here are some of her most memorable moments.

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