Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang

This week Chelsea Handler took some verbal shots at Joan Rivers on Howard Stern’s radio show. Not to be outdone, Joan Rivers went on Stern’s show the next day for a rebuttal. To use Handler’s words, “What the fuck do I care about Joan Rivers?” She went on about run in’s they’ve had at events and such. Considering it all, she wasn’t that hard on Joan. Regardless the Fashion Police host came back with boxing gloves on. The next day Joan (with daughter Melissa) fired back, “The girl made it on her back fucking the president [of the E Network]. She fine, she’s ordinary, she’s not a genius. She’s an ordinary girl. But don’t come after me you whore.” Meow! Kitty’s got claws. It’s a stupid feud but I’m siding with Joan. Chelsea should remember that Joan opened a lot of the doors that she jogged through.
Here’s a quick round up of Ms. Handler:
Chelsea Handler has had  a lot success since her show Chelsea Lately began in 2007. How she got the show is unknown, but Joan Rivers wasn’t lying about the E! president Ted Harbert. Harbert and Handler dated and lived together until 2010. I won’t knock her for that because I’m sure a lot of celebrities have gotten to the top by putting out.
I wouldn’t say I dislike her, but I do have some issues with her. First, she replaceable. I tune in to her show on a regular basis because her round table guest are usually very funny. (John Caparulo being my favorite) This week, table regular Ross Matthews has been filling in as guest host while Chelsea’s away. He’s a great host and fills the spot wonderfully. If Handler never came back, I don’t know if I’d miss her. I have to agree with Joan again, she’s fine but she’s not a genius. If she left the show any number of sassy comedians could fill the spot in seconds.
When she does host she acts like she’s annoyed to be there. (Call it the Kristen Stewert syndrome) There’s a constant thread of jokes on Chelsea Lately about “this crap show” or “this crap network” or “the idiot staff.” The too cool for school routine is getting old.  I’m sure she loves her job and her staff so it’d be nice to kill the sourpuss act once in a while. If she’s so above her late night chat show she should quit and work on your NBC sitcom full time. Oh wait… what’s that? Her Are You There Chelsea sitcom is so awful it’s almost unwatchable? I almost forgot about that minor detail. Although it makes me long for the days of Community. Gasp!
Lastly, there’s the whole gay thing. She’s not a gay icon and yet she thinks she is. put it best: The gay community single handily keeps several careers alive. Margaret Cho, Madonna, Kathy Griffin etc. Chelsea is not one of them. Yes the gays like her but we don’t LOVE her. It takes more then vodka and sex jokes to win us over. (Ok… not much more…)
So Chelsea, what does this all mean? Keep making us laugh on Chelsea Lately but don’t get to comfortable. An upbeat attitude goes a long way. Also, distance yourself from NBC and that abomination of a sitcom. Hashtag #Seriously!

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