The Globes

The Golden Globes were last nigth and over all most of the stars looked great. There were very few (if any) severe misses. Not surprisingly, my favorite was Tilda Swinton in blue Haider Ackermann. You probably haven’t heard of Achermann, but his designs are edgy and extemely fashion forward. (The word trendy doesn’t even begin to describe him) The ‘I Want to be Her Best Friend Award’ goes to Sophia Vergara. She’s  so funny and sweet. It’s also great when she tries to pronounce Wang. Julianne Moore and Nicole Kidman were also favorites. Charlize Theron continued her fashion winning streak with Dior Couture. That’s how a beaded headband should look. Yes I’m talking to you Michelle Williams. Emma Stone rocked a purple Lanvin dress with an eagle belt that added a little edge.

Kelly Osborne. I’m so on the fence with this one. I love the color of her Zac Posen gown and I even like her silver hair. (you read that correctly, silver) BUT… the look is to old for her and there is just so much fabric. I could Photoshop Helen Miren’s face on this picture and you’d never know the difference. I wish it was sleeveless to make is skew a little younger.

Leah Michelle was guilty of the same crime. Her silver Marchesa dress was to old and to much. Although I loved her hair and makeup.
Rooney Mara kept it simple in black Nina Ricci. Bondage straps with a ruffled hem…Perfection. Side note: This dress literally premiered in Nina Ricci’s pre-fall collection that came out A Week Ago. (January 9th to be specific) 
Everyone on TV gushed about how gorgeous Angelina Jolie looked. I hated it. First she had matching red lips, purse, and colar… Gag! Second, Natalie Portman did the same look last year and guess what, I hated it then too.
Poor Sarah Michelle Gellar. She said in an interview that her child daughter picked out her dress. Mistake number one. I actually like the blue swirl print, but the shape of the dress is to big and poofy. Here’s a tip: if you’re working a large print, the cut of the dress should be simple. If you put that patern on the shape of Angelina’s dress (minus the red colar) it could be a knock out.

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