Pride and Prejudice

My mother hates Madonna. She thinks that Madonna is the epitome of the whorish degradation of women. In fact, I can’t remember the last time she’s actually say the name Madonna, instead she will only refer to her as The Pig Woman. Obviously I disagree, but I can understand and respect the opinion.

Logically you’d assume my pro-woman mother would be fond of Oprah because her main tenets have been to nurture your heart, soul, and mind. Very few people have gotten to that level of success without it corrupting them. That assumption would be wrong. My mother can’t stand Oprah. This puts my brain in knots. Mom agrees with Kathy Griffin, “Oprah thinks she’s Jesus.” It’s true the big O can get a bit preachy and sound like a life coach. (Watch her show Oprah’s Life Class on OWN)  However that shouldn’t out way all the good she’s done in her 25 year career. Over the years I’ve discovered the real reason my mother dislikes her. Pride. Humble is not an adjective you think of when describing Ms. Winfrey or Madonna.

Pride, Hubris, Ego, Self-confidence, Arrogance, or just a cocky attitude. There is an anti-pride social construct that I find strange. When an artist wins an award they are expected to act surprised and say the cliché “I never expected to win.” The queen of this is Taylor Swift. Watch a clip of Swift at any music event. When she wins she’ll get up from her seat with her hands close to her face mouthing the words Who me? I can’t believe it!?. Ugh… she gets on my nerves. Give me more Kanye any day! I love confidence and a cocky attitude. Quiet and humble is polite and boring. So the next time you go out with your best polyester pants suit on or floor length fur coat, trust that you’re the hottest guy at Tommy’s.

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