55 Places to Visit Before You Die

There is a list on Facebook going around of the 100 places you should visit before you die. I looked over the list and there were a lot of places that I have no interest in going. So I decided to make some tweeks and changes. Here is my list of the 50 places I think you should visit before you die. It’s also doubles as my Travel Bucket List. You’ll also notice Asia and Africa are widely ignored on the list. That’s not a mistake. I have very little want or need to ever go there. Enjoy!

  1. Mediterranean Cruise
  2. Tower of London: London England
  3. Anne Frank House: Amsterdam Netherlands
  4. Christ the Redeemer: Rio de Janeiro Brazil
  5. Colloseum: Rome Italy
  6. Eiffel Tower: Paris France
  7. Forbidden City: Beijing China
  8. French Quarter: New Orleans Louisiana
  9. Gateway Arch: St. Louise Missouri
  10. Glacier Bay: Alaska
  11. Golden Gate Bridge: San Fransisco California
  12. Grand Canal: Venice Italy
  13. Sidney Opera House, Australia
  14. La Pedrera: Barcelona, Spain
  15. Great Wall of China: China
  16. Terracotta Army: Qin Shin Huang China
  17. Volcanoes National Park: Hawaii
  18. Hollywood Blvd: Hollywood California
  19. Kremlin: Moscow Russia
  20. Las Vegas Strip: Las Vegas Neveda
  21. Leaning Tower of Pisa: Pisa Italy
  22. The Alpes: Switzerland
  23. Time Square: New York New York
  24. Central Park: New York New York
  25. Mount Rushmore: Keystone South Dakota
  26. Notre Dame Cathedral: Paris France
  27. PebWaltble Beaches: Nice France
  28. Westminster Abbey: London Englans
  29. Ruins of Athens: Athens Greece
  30. Sagrada Famila: Barcelona Spain
  31. Sears Tower: Chicago Illinois
  32. Sistene Chapel: Vatican City
  33. Space Needle: Seattle Washington
  34. Statue of Liberty: New York New York
  35. Stonehenge: Wiltshire County England
  36. Washington Monument: Washington DC
  37. Zion National Park Utah
  38. Grand Canyon: Arizona
  39. Stockholm Sweden
  40. Palace of Versailles: Versailles France
  41. Island of Capri: Capri Italy
  42. Ocean Drive: Miami Florida
  43. Key West Florida
  44. Boston Common: Boston Massachusetts
  45. Atlanta Georgia
  46. Minnesota State Fair: Minneapolis Minnesota
  47. San Diego California
  48. Hearst Castle: San Simeon California
  49. Any Caribbean Island
  50. The Luvre Museum: Paris France
  51. The Duomo: Florence Italy
  52. Dallas or Houston Texas
  53. Nazi Concentration Camps: Germany
  54. Boston Common: Boston Massachusetts
  55. Walt Disney World: Orlando Florida

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