Off The Wall

Question: What was on the walls of your childhood bedroom?

I was inspired by 1 Girl 5 Gays for this post. When I was little my bedroom had baseball theme. Surprising I know. My favorite color has always been blue and that was reflected in my room. My family moved when I was about 5 or 6 and my mother let me choose the carpet in my room. Navy blue of course! The walls were light blue with a wallpaper border featuring baseball players in various poses. My bedspread was even covered with a large image of a single player swinging a bat. I loved my baseball room but the one thing I always wanted was a race car bed. Sadly I never got one.
As I grew up I covered the walls with pictures of celebrities and boy band heart throbs. The main target of my affection was New Kids on the Block. Every inch of wall was covered in scotch taped magazine pages. (Jordan Knight was my personal favorite) I saw them in concert 4 times, once with Tiffany.

When I got a little older my parents wanted to paint over the blue and they let me pick the color. I chose neon green. It was bright and amazing. Once I grew out of NKOTB, I started to ripe out magazine adds that inspired me and taped them up in a neat grid pattern. This was back in the days of the famous Absolute adds. When I was done I had a full wall covered.  

When I got into high school I painted blue stripes on one wall as a feature wall. While the actual painting was easy, putting up all the tape was a pain in the ass. The end result was worth it though.
P.S. I spent the afternoon at my parents and I searched for pictures of my first baseball bedroom. Not a single one! I can’t believe there are no pictures when I remember it so clearly.

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