Key Word: Thick

I don’t know a thing about football other then it’s the sport that has some of the sexiest athletes. Their bodies are so thick and juicy with tight pants that hug their asses and form fitting shirts that show off every fabulous curve of their bellies. Key Words: Football, Sexy, Meaty, Precum, Spank Bank, Bellies, Thickness, No Neck, Muscle Gut, Bent Over, Ass Slap, Beefy, I Can’t Stop Starring At Your Butt, Kris Dielman should be naked all the time.

Post Script:
It’s amazing how much time it took me to create this post. I think a total of 2.5 hours going to every football website I could find. Have you ever been to North Dakota University’s sports site? I have. The funny thing is, all the football websites are set up like gay dating pages. They literally have a list of every player’s height and weight. (Yes you can sort by weight)


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