I don’t consider myself a superstitious person, but I still make wishes. When I was little my mom told me to always wish on an eyelash. So whenever I find an eyelash on my cheek or finger I always make a wish. With that said, my main wish and goal has always been to have weekends off. For example I pursued my current job for two basic reasons. First it was not retail and secondly it provided the chance that one day I could be given a Monday through Friday schedule.
I remember the phone call very clearly. I was working for Oakley and helping a store in Boston. While at my hotel, I got a call from the HR rep offering the opportunity I had worked for over 3 years for. (It took me a year of interviews just to get hired for my current job) They offered me a five day 9-6 schedule with Thursday and Saturday off. I only asked one question: Is there a possibility that I could be moved to Mon-Fri at some point. She said yes and I accepted. Just to finally get out of the mall was a huge obstacle. My sites were now set on having weekends off. It sounds like a simplistic dream but it’s the one dream I always had. Granted, I may hate having weekends off and go running back to a varied schedule, but I wanted the chance to try and be a regular person.
As soon as it was possible I put a Schedule Change Request in. They reviewed the request monthly and every month I would get a polite email stating: Your request could not be accommodated this month but it will be kept on file for next month. Over a year went by and finally a in mid December of 2011 my schedule change was approved. All those eyelash wishes finally came true!
An odd thing happened to me last week in front of my bathroom mirror. As I brushed an eyelash off my face I made my wish as always. But as I stood there staring at the long black lash on my finger tip, I had a strange realization. What do I wish for now? I really couldn’t think of a new wish. There’s always the default: “I want to win the lotto.” But I like to offset that with a practical and achievable goal. It’s a wonderfully odd problem to have. I need to figure out what my next goal is.

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