L’Occitane (pronounced lox-eat-on) is a French company that specializes in bath and beauty products inspired by Mediterranean ingredients. Their strength is their quality and products. When I worked there in 2004/05 I quickly discovered how well made each item is. Warning: The products are not cheap, but they make great gifts for mothers, sisters, and anyone who needs a little extra pampering.

L’Occitane was built and has survived on Shea Butter. Shea butter is a moisturizer that comes from a nut grown in Africa . If you have dry skin, this is a place for you. With 20% SB, the Shea Butter Hand Cream is the company’s best seller. It’s one of the best hand creams for sale. (Maybe even THE BEST) If you’re not a fan of lotion or moisturizer, check out their shea bar soaps. My favorite is lavender but they also come in Milk and Verbena. Milk is best for sensitive skin. Also check out their foot cream, it has arnica which is a natural anti-inflammatory.

If you don’t like shea butter, L’Occitane has a lot of other unique gifts. Product categories include Lavender, Olive, Verbena, Almond, and Cade. visit:

Shea Butter Hand Cream
Shea Butter Soaps
Cade (Men’s) Collection
Verbena Candle

Lavender Gifts
Almond Body Scrub

Shea Butter Food Cream
Olive Face Cleanser

One thought on “Spotlight

  1. I received a sampler package of their products for Christmas this year. I still haven't opened it because I have no idea how to use the stuff (I briefly contemplated eating the Delicious Paste).

    I assumed it was crap, as it was part of an awful gift bag from some distant relatives. How bad was it? Among other things, it contained a box of DECAF COFFEE. I made use of the coffee though. I bought a bag of gourmet kettle corn that had a bunch of unpopped kernels, which I've been spitting into the coffee box.

    I'll make good use of the L'Occitane creams by putting them on my penis.


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