The Best Awards. Part 1

I am starting The Gay Gasp’s Best Awards. A tribute to the best of the year both personal and national. As I started to list the Best of moment, Lady Gaga’s name kept popping up. Therefore I’m giving her a dedicated post to recap the best she gave us is 2011.

Person of the Year: Lady Gaga

Best Magazine Cover: Vanity Fair January 2012 (which is released in December 2011)

Best Holiday Special: A Very Gaga Thanksgiving

Best Gaga Song of the Year: (Tie) Judas and Marry the Night.

Best Award Show Moment: Drag King Joe Calderone at the VMA’s. Amazing!

Best Music Video Moment: The opening of Lady Gaga’s Marry The Night video:

“I loathe reality. For example those nurses are wearing next season Calvin Klein… and so am I. The shoes, custom Giuseppe Zanotti. I tipped their gauze caps to the side like Parisian berets because I thinks it’s romantic and I also believe mint will be very big in fashion next spring.”
**Check back on Friday for the Rest of The Bests

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