Fat, Gay, and In Charge!

Wes (my sister’s ex-husband) came over last Friday to pick up one of the pugs for the weekend. Kind of like divorced doggy visitation. As he was here visiting, he kept making tiny little snarky remarks and jabs at my sister. But of course it was all “just a joke.” There was one comment that really pissed me off but I bit my tongue because it’s non of my business. A little while later he made a joke about the “endless stream of guys coming in and out of my sisters room (now that’s she dating).” That was the tiny straw that broke the camels back. I had enough.

Me: That’s enough and don’t say that to my sister every again. It’s not funny and it’s disrespectful.
Wes: WTF? It was a joke, calm down.
Me: I don’t care, it’s not funny. Don’t say it again.
Wes LOST IT. I’ll spare the long back story, but let’s just say he has anger management issues. As I told my sister later, it was worth the risk of getting punched out. Someone had to stand up to him. I was also fascinated to see him get more and more upset as I sat there calm and collected. He got so flustered and angry that he left without taking a pug. I have to say I was very proud of myself. I am sick of “biting my tongue and being a doormat. Score one for me! My sister was surprised because she said she’s never seen me get mad before. Honestly, it’s extremely rare. I always try to give people the benefit of the doubt or tell myself it’s not worth getting upset. I used to think if you show your emotion then you’ve let them win. Fuck that! Sometimes in life you have to get angry and fight back.
Side Note: Wes’ only comeback to me was about being gay and fat. As he got more upset, there were jabs like “Shut up Jabba the Hut,” “I’m getting shit from a fat gay guy,” and “Don’t get your vagina in a twist.” I was smart enough to keep my sassy tongue to myself. Although I WANTED to say, “Fat and gay? Duh! Come on, you can do better then that can’t you?”

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