Mish Mosh in a Leather Vest

I’ve had a lot of ideas but none of them have given me enough juice for form a full post. I’ve tried to work them into something special but to no success. So instead, there mashed together here so you get a glimpse into what’s been going on in my head:
I wanted to wear a dress shirt and bowtie to the Christmas party but was quickly reminded that oxfords were not made for my neck. Sad face. By by gray flannel bowtie.
I’ve been on a health kick the last couple of weeks. Well, more like an exercise kick. It’s nothing permanent and I’m not turning into one of those people who lives and breathes calories and carbs. I’ve never had the motivation to consistently exercise. I’ll work out for a few weeks or months and then go without for an equal or (much) greater time. Also, when I exercise it’s purely for health reasons. Having a terrified mother that constantly fears my death of heart disease and diabetes takes it’s toll. My goal is not weight loss. Strange as it may seem, I’m very content at my current weight and wouldn’t want to change it. However with exercise comes weight loss and I (we) am in a unique community where the thin and fit doesn’t always win the race. It’s just an odd situation when you have to choose either health or sexiness.
Leather Vests. I’m SO over old men in black leather vests. There’s been no evolution is the leather look in 40 years. Can’t we change in up? How about white, plaid, or racing stripes? Some people may call it classic, I call it cliché. If I have to go to another bar night full of elderly men wearing mom jeans with black leather vests, I’m going to perform harakiri.

For the first time in my life, I’m going to have a Monday through Friday schedule. This has been a goal of mine for years and I’m still a little shocked that it’s finally happening. I really can’t express in words how major this is in my life.
I’ve been on a t-shirt buying marathon. Soon I’ll have to rotate out the old ones and donate them to Goodwill.

One thought on “Mish Mosh in a Leather Vest

  1. At last year's TBRU they had leather harnesses in a bunch of different colors. I almost got an orange one, but then I would have to buy matching bracers, briefs, and chaps.
    I just don't have the disposable income to be a leather bear.


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