The Gay Test

How can you tell if a dude likes dudes? If (at least) three of the following statements apply, you’ve found a gay:

His online gaming persona has large muscular biceps.

He owns or has worn a cock ring

He uses the word Cock

You’ve seen him dance with his hands in the air

He and his friends share a flesh light. (Without washing it out)

He’s bought tickets to Margret Cho and Kathy Griffin

He can finish the line “Have you ever had cum in your eye Gabriel?”

He can name the old women on the Golden Girls who wanted to chop down the old oak tree.

When you refer to the “cute guy” at the liquor store, he knows who you’re talking about.

He owns regular underwear and separate underwear for special occasions. (aka fun undies)

When he sucks your cock, he always swallows.


My Friends Look Great Naked

I started this post with the intention of writing about my type… the type of guy I’m sexually attracted to. The more I thought about it, the more I realized there was a direct correlation to the people I’m friends with and the people I want to have sex with. Basically I’m sexually attracted to most of my friends. (and hopefully vise versa) This shouldn’t come as a big surprise because gay men posses the unique ability to have casual sex without harming a friendship. In some cases, sex between friends can help a friendship. A good friend is someone who’ll be there for you in good time and in bad or when you simply need a warm mouth. 🙂

 But I’m curious, is this common amongst other gay men? Or is it unique to the bear community? (or maybe I’m just over sexed) I have the impression that non-bears are judgmental and cold toward each other. Kind of like a hairless cat on her period. I’m probably wrong, but I can’t think of anyone to ask. At any rate… I’ve collected a group of friends with whom I’d happily get naked with (again).
*A side not on the pictures: Each person pictured makes me horny. As you can see I tried to find a picture of me with the person. However I apologize because not all the photos are the best shots. (Sorry Chris, but this is the only picture I could find of us together) It also made me realize that I don’t have pictures with some of my close friends. For example there definitely needs to be a pic of me and Dan. But the only shot I could find of us together is from 5 years ago. (and for Dan 30lbs ago) Also, Joe Hooch and I have no pictures together at all. What’s up with that? Ad that to the To Do list: Get updated pictures with hot friends. Clothing Optional.

Will You Not Marry Me?

With the growing trend of second boyfriends and blurry relationship rules, I can’t help but wonder what it’s like to have a long term partner. As I’ve said before, relationships fascinate me. I’m always curious what happens behind closed doors. I’ll tell you up front that this post will ask a lot of questions but provide very few answers. I know as much about relationships as Tyra Banks knows about humility.
I met my good friend Justin for coffee the other night and he brought up a very good question. Why are so few gay couple getting married? Gay marriage is legal locally in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York and 85% of my friends are in long term committed relationships. However I only know of one local pair that is engaged. (Congrats Jeff and Ollie) Like Justin, the few married men I know had plans before the legalization. I thought couples would be lining up to officially pledge their commitment. Especially because many of my friends have been together for 10 years or more. So why is the New England (bear) community ignoring marriage? Is it a modern choice or a sign of deeper disconnect and complacency. It’s totally understandable that they’ve been together for a long time and simply outgrew the idea.  But I still wonder if there is a hidden fear of commitment in everyone.
The gay community has always been very good at adapting. I love that gay men have found clever ‘work arounds’ for the common pitfalls of marriage. Most notably the prevalence of open relationships. It’s widely known that after many years a couple’s sex life can slow down. Hot and Heavy is replaced with Quiet and Comfortable. But when you have every cock available to you, how often do you suck the one at home? With no basis in fact, I’ve always assumed that many relationships turn into a romantic roommate situation. Nonsexual life partners. Is that true? My friends may be more hot and heavy then I give them credit for. What’s your story?

Who do you have sex with more?

_Your husband
_Your second boyfriend
_A hookup
_Yourself (hand, dildo, fleshlight etc)

Do you see yourself ever getting legally married?


Weekly Update

I’ve been away for about a week and a lot has happened. Lets dive right in:

Kim Kardashian– She’s getting a divorce and the public is up in arms. How dare she! You’d think she was a no talent fame hungry reality star. (That’s sarcasm btw) I like Kim and I always have. In my opinion she’s one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. However, I don’t expect morals, virtue and honesty from her. Remember her career started with a sex tape. Everyone seems to be angry because she made so much money from her wedding. Duh! Every move she makes is a calculated strategy for income. I say we move on focus on more important.
An October Snow Storm– Connecticut had an unseasonably early snow storm last weekend which caused record power outages. More people lost power from the snow then from Hurricane Irene. Connecticut is no stranger to snow, but this time the leaves were still on the trees. Who knew having leaves on the trees could make such a difference? Apparently that makes the limbs much heavier and they came crashing down everywhere. (taking power lines with them) Surviving without power and heat hasn’t been to bad. With plenty of scented candles from my past career, my apartment is cold but freshly fragranced. I can last without lights or heat, but no tv or internet has driven me crazy. You can only read so many magazines by candle light… ya know. To make things worse,  cell service has also been shitty. The power company says everything will be back to normal by this Sunday.


Black Out

Sorry for the lack of posts in the last couple days. I’m currently without power and there is no estimated time when it will come back. Not having power isn’t as bad as I though. The main problem is boredom. At least I have hot watertown shower in the morning before work.

I’ll post a full story once everything is back up and running. (I posted this from my phone)