Mirror Mirror On the Wall…

Hollywood has Snow White fever. Ironically the fairy tale has been somewhat forgotten until recently. There are two competing movies about the poisoned princess.

First there is Mirror Mirror staring Julia Roberts as the evil Queen, Armie Hammer as the Prince, and Lily Collins as Snow White. This movie takes a less serious take on the classic story. Julie plays the queen with sarcastic bitchiness. Armie Hammer (The Social Network) and Lily Collins have the looks that make them perfect for their role
Second, is Snow White and the Huntsman. This film is much more dark and serious. Charlize Theron look FIERCE as the evil queen. She looks like the perfect evil bitch. The major problem is Kristen Stewart is cast as Snow White. I can’t stand Kristen “Stink Face” Stewart. Chris Hemsworth (Thor) is titled Huntsman.
The final call: I think I’ll like Mirror Mirror better. It’s seems light hearted and not to complicated. Plus Armie Hammer is always nice to look at. However, Charlize is the gay man’s fantasy for the queen. I just really can’t get past Stewart as Snow White. The fairy tale’s whole story line is based around the queen’s jealousy of SW’s looks. In what universe is Charlize Theron jealous of Kristen Stewart?
Mirror Mirror is set to come out in March, while Snow White and the Huntsman debuts this summer.


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