The Chopping Block

I love television. Some shows can last for decades while others are gone after a few episodes.  Sarah Jessica Parker said she ended the very successful Sex and the City because she wanted to go out on top. (That was before she ruined the entire show’s legacy with Sex and the City 2) There’s been a mini uploar because NBC is taking Community of the air in January to make room for 30 Rock. Personally I think it’s the best decision the network could make. It should have gotten the axe after the first season. It’s not the only show on that needs walk the plank. Here is my pics for the best and worst of tv:

Cancel: The Simpsons- I’ve never been a big Simpsons fan, but according to my friend Mike it should’ve been cancelled 10 years ago. I can’t say I disagree. The Simpsons was an iconic show that helped define the 90s.  But with non-aging characters, how can they keep coming up with interesting story lines after 20 years? It’s time to say good bye and quit while you still have some dignity.

Watch Instead: American Dad and Bob’s Burgers. American Dad has hit their stride and is a solid comedy. Bob’s Burgers is a newer show that I’ve come to love. The kids are the funniest characters.
Cancel: South Park- See The Simpsons
Cancel: Community- It kind was ‘kinda’ good the first season… but the writers are trying to hard. They keep aiming for deep cerebral comedy and are striking out hardcore. Oh, and btw… Abed’s character needs to be kicked in the head.
Watch Instead: Parks and Recreation- Also on Thursday nights, the people of Pawnee are consistenly HI-larious! Ron, April, Andy, Donna… amazing!
Watch Instead: Two Broke Girls- Created by Michael Patrick King (Sex and the City) and Whitney Cummings (Whitney) It’s not cerebral or over done, it’s just a cute and funny show. Plus they always make fun of Williamsburg hipsters.
On the edge: Glee- I’m putting Glee on notice. I don’t understand why the writers make certain choices. For example, Jane Lynch’s Sue Sylvester is a fan favorite. Yet the writers have wittled her part down to a couple lines each episode. Karofsky had a story line that could’ve been very intersting if it had played out. Instead he came back for a short cameo to inform us that he’s switched schools and now comfortable as a cub. Where did that come from? With the news that several of the lead character will will writen off next season… Who’s left? Britney and the Asian girl? Be care full Glee, your shark is within eye sight.

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