I Heart Tshirts

I love buying tshirts. It’s the one item I buy more then any other. As I was on FB today, the fashionable Kurt Jo (http://kurtjo.com/)  posted a link and invitation to Fab.com. It’s a site full of unique design items. That’s where I found this uber aweson tshirt for only $15 on sale. From there, I visited the shirt maker’s personal site (www.DPCTED.com) to find out more. He has a dozen or so AMAZING shirts. My other favorite (and future purchase) is the ‘Rick Rolled’ shirt shown below. Also designer Scott Hutcheson on FB for more details.

I have two other t-shirt crushes of the moment. First is Threadless’ line of Muppet tees. I’m not sure if I’ve ever posted my deep love of the Muppet’s, especially Mrs. Piggy. I haven’t purchased it yet only because Threaless is known for their $10 tees sale. My second crush is the vintage inspired Japanese PacMan shirt from the Gap. That was purchased this afternoon for 30% off in store.


 Also check out my friends’ sites: sliceoflifetees.com and cubcouture.com

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