The Gay Test

How can you tell if a dude likes dudes? If (at least) three of the following statements apply, you’ve found a gay:

His online gaming persona has large muscular biceps.

He owns or has worn a cock ring

He uses the word Cock

You’ve seen him dance with his hands in the air

He and his friends share a flesh light. (Without washing it out)

He’s bought tickets to Margret Cho and Kathy Griffin

He can finish the line “Have you ever had cum in your eye Gabriel?”

He can name the old women on the Golden Girls who wanted to chop down the old oak tree.

When you refer to the “cute guy” at the liquor store, he knows who you’re talking about.

He owns regular underwear and separate underwear for special occasions. (aka fun undies)

When he sucks your cock, he always swallows.


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