Weekly Update

I’ve been away for about a week and a lot has happened. Lets dive right in:

Kim Kardashian– She’s getting a divorce and the public is up in arms. How dare she! You’d think she was a no talent fame hungry reality star. (That’s sarcasm btw) I like Kim and I always have. In my opinion she’s one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. However, I don’t expect morals, virtue and honesty from her. Remember her career started with a sex tape. Everyone seems to be angry because she made so much money from her wedding. Duh! Every move she makes is a calculated strategy for income. I say we move on focus on more important.
An October Snow Storm– Connecticut had an unseasonably early snow storm last weekend which caused record power outages. More people lost power from the snow then from Hurricane Irene. Connecticut is no stranger to snow, but this time the leaves were still on the trees. Who knew having leaves on the trees could make such a difference? Apparently that makes the limbs much heavier and they came crashing down everywhere. (taking power lines with them) Surviving without power and heat hasn’t been to bad. With plenty of scented candles from my past career, my apartment is cold but freshly fragranced. I can last without lights or heat, but no tv or internet has driven me crazy. You can only read so many magazines by candle light… ya know. To make things worse,  cell service has also been shitty. The power company says everything will be back to normal by this Sunday.


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