Tyler Perry

I detest Tyler Perry. He’s extremely successful yet he has not come out of the closet. Ok, if you want to stay in the closet that’s your business. I may not totally respect a closeted celebrity, but I understand it. What pissed me off about Mr. Perry was when he went on the Oprah Winfrey Show to talk about his childhood molestation. Any type of abuse is awful and I don’t mean to diminish that in any way. I have a problem with him because the theme of the show was about honesty and he was finally going to talk about the abuse so that other men would not feel ashamed. Oprah filled the audience with other abused men who held up pictures of themselves at the age when they were first molested. Very moving. But it also sends a different message. He is unconsciously telling the public that he is more ashamed and scared of his homosexuality then he is of being sexually molested as a young boy. When you sit down for the big Oprah honesty interview how is that not one of the topics?!? “So Tyler, tell us about your long time partner Nathan.”

Fuck you Tyler Perry.
This makes me want to praise Ellen Degeneres even more. She is one of the only celebrities who came out when she had everything to loose. So many stars announce they’re gay after they’ve made their money and their carrier is slowing down. People like Rosie O’Donnell, Ricky Martin, Jodie Foster, Cynthia Nixon and Lance Bass all came out when they had little to loose. I’m not going to applaud you just because you stopped lying. I don’t lie every day but you don’t see me on the cover of Time magazine. Ellen took the road less traveled and came out while her show was still on the air. Bravo! Jane Lynch should also get a round of applause. She was never in the closet. She has always been open and honest about it. Good for you Jane!

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