When is the last time someone surprised you? Either from a suprise party, gift, or any act that was completely unexpected. Maybe even something that was out of character. (Unfortunalty a suprise may be negitive but we’ll stay on the side of positivity for now) We all love our friends and family but it’s easy to predict their behavior due to the nature of our relationships. After knowing someone for years, you know who they’ll lust after and how many bottles of wine they’ll order at dinner. I’ll be the first to admitt that I’m one of the most predictable people on earth. I remember talking to my friend Joe once while on my day off. Before I said anything, he was able to list verbatem what I had done that day. He got everything right even down to my shopping list at Stop & Shop. Mind you, being a person of routine isn’t a bad thing. I just think every now and then you show throw them a curve ball.
Whenever I start to think about what people have or have not done to me, I try and remind myseld of my own actions. Therefore I’m going to atempt to get out of my comfort zone a little more often and surprise people. I’m not sure what exactly that means… but keep an eye out. Maybe you’ll find me reading a book outside on a camping trip with my boyfriend in a pair of tivas. (Talk about a shock!)
Just as a side note: I tried to remember a time when some really surprised me. One story that stood out in my mind was about Joe as well. We had been dating for only a short time when I went up to visit him in New Hampshire. It was the middle of winter and a huge ice storm rolled into town. Soon the power went out. I was very disappointed because we had planned on watching the Golden Globe Awards that night. Joe knew how much I loved award shows and felt bad that I missed it. A week or two later he gave me a gift. When I openned it I found the official program from the the Golden Globe Awards. Apparently he called the Hollywood Foreign Press claiming to be ‘god knows who’ and talked them into sending him the hard to get item. It was awesome. Very memorable and unexpected.
What’s your surprise story? Or How are you going to surprise someone soon?

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