Fall’s Top 10

October is well underway and the temp is falling. Don’t let that get you down though. There’s plenty to be excited about and the Gay Gasp is here to highlight Fall’s must haves:


1. Project Accessories- I love this idea! The team at Project is finally capitolizing on their success with a spin off. Molly Sims will host the show starting October 27th.

2. Project Runway All Stars- Heidi and friends are following in the foot steps of Tyra and having an all star season. As always (just like ANTM) there are the faces you instanly remember and the ones that make you think… “Who the hell is that?” Either way I’m pumped! Tune in November 3rd.

visit www.lifetimetv.com for more info

3. Anonymous- (Out 10/28) Another take on the story of William Shakespeare. This films believes the conspiracy theory that all of Shakespeares famous works were writen by someone else.
4. J. Edgar- (Out 11/9) You can tell from the preview when a movie is trying to win an Oscar. This movie about J. Edgar Hoover is one of those movies. It’s a story that is full of legend and gossip. I know Leo and friends won’t disappoint.

5. Red State (10/18 on DVD)- A Kevin Smith directed horror movie about a religious zelot who captures sexually active teenagers. 

6. Bad Teacher (10/18 on DVD) Honestly, I thought it was funnier then Bridesmaids.

7. Pumpkin Pie Blizzard at DQ- Ok, I have to be honest… I tried this last night and it was a little disappointing. The first bite was good but most of it just tasted like vanilla ice cream with pieces of graham crackers mixed in.
8. Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake and Pumpkin Everything- I love pumpkin flavored desserts. Cheesecake being high on my list. Does Ben and Jerry’s have a pumpkin pie flavor? I’ll check it out and report back.  
9. Holiday Treats- Put your fat pants on because it’s the season of weight gain. Halloween Candy, Thanksgiving Pies, Christmas Cookies and New Years coctails.


10. Cold Weather- Warm temps are great, but it doesn’t leave you much options for clothing. Boots, coats, jeans, pants, hoodies, cardigans, vest, sweaters, and SCARVES! Oh my!

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