Halloween Costumes

Can’t think of a clever Halloween costume? The Gay Gasp is here to help. If you want something simple and easy look to the headlines. With Steve Job’s recent death, he has been a major topic in the news. He also is know for a signature look that can be copied very easily. Cheap jeans and a black turtle kneck are all you need. If you’re worried the costume will be boring… cover the shirt in fake blood and go as zombie steve jobs. In need of something bigger for you and your friends? Group costumes are always a hit, as was the movie Bridesmaids. Buy some horrible pink dresses from Salvation Army and your the stars of the hit comedy. Wether as a group or single, the Jersey Shore cast won’t let you down. Hit up Marshalls for a super tacky Ed Hardy shirt on clearance, get a gold chain and some bronzer, and poof! you’re Ronnie or the Situation.  Tip: if you want to try for Snookie, recycle last years Amy Winehouse wig.
If you want something more classic try a sport such as rugby, basketball, baseball etc. They may not be the most exciting, but guys look hot in sports gear and you’re likely to get laid as a hot rugby player. The sexy theory works for any man in uniform. You can raid Army Surplus for military inspired duds or a uniform shop to look like a doctor, mechanic, firefighter, or chef. When you’ve got no time or money use what you have around the house. Go out in your rattiest tshirt and boxers with a case of beer and you instantly turn into a fraternity rapist. Whatever your costume is, it’s better then going as nothing at all. Never show up to a costume party without a costume. You instantly become a douche bag.

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