Happy Anniversary

Today is the One Year Anniversary of the Gay Gasp. It just occurred to me now that my anniversary date is 10/10/10. The funny thing is that I can’t remember if I did that on purpose or if it was a divine mistake. We’ll just say it was on purpose. My first year has been a successful one. I love that you enjoy reading my rambling and I’ll continue to try and keep it new and interesting. Call it a gay cliché but part of my inspiration was Carrie Bradshaw’s column on Sex and the City. This blog is my version of magazine column. A bit of fashion, sex, observation, and life experience hopefully done in an amusing way.

When I started this blog I was in a shitty point in my personal life. Hopefully this didn’t show through that much. I’ve tried very hard to edit out a lot of my emotional bullshit. Basically, I was broken. But in a small way the Gay Gasp has given me something to focus my time and energy on rather then dwell on the past. I’m glad to say as summer started my mood improved and it’s gotten better ever since. I’m stronger and I’m fighting the good fight.
The Gay Gasp will continue for many more years. Interestingly enough, the original title I wanted to use was Plan B, but the name was already taken. I think it worked out for the best and I wouldn’t change a thing. But enough about the past…let’s focus on the future. What’s next for the GG? I’ll continue to update as much as possible. Check back on Wednesday for “Big Love.”

*I’d like to give a special thank you to my friends Stan, Steve, and Justin. You were there for me and answered my calls. It means a lot to me.

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