The Gay Gasp Investigates

The Golden Girl has been in re-runs for decades and I can still watch it over and over again. The Nanny is headed in that same tradition. If you’re like me, you watch them both. I never get tired of either show and they remain funny as the years go bye. Why do both shows capture the attention of a gay audience so easily? Maybe it’s because they have a lot more in common then you’d think. Many of their episodes have similarities, while others are just drown right the same plot. If you don’t believe me see for yourself:

Plot:  Were you switched at birth?

The Nanny: Fran gets a call from a black women claiming to be her real mother
Golden Girls: Sophia’s long time friends claim Dorothy and Gina where switched at birth

Plot: Jeopardy

The Nanny: C.C.’s father gets Fran on the game show and she wins
Golden Girls: Dorothy tries out for Jeopardy but doesn’t make it on

Plot: The Sperm Bank

The Nanny: Fran is think about having a baby on her own
Golden Girls: Blanche’s daughter visits Miami and wants a baby

Plot: Childhood nanny back in town

The Nanny: Maxwell’s childhood nanny pays a visit
Golden Girls: When Blanche’s father dies, her childhood nanny come back to town

Plot: In love with a thief

The Nanny: Fran is purposed to by man who later steals jewelry as they are ring shopping
Golden Girls: At Blanche’s Midnight Madness party, a british man steals her necklace

Plot: Held up at gun point

The Nanny: Fran and Sylvia are held hostage at a bank
Golden Girls: The girls are held up at Rose’s office before Christmas

Plot: Sister moves in

The Nanny: Fran’s sister moves in to cook while Niles is away
Golden Girls: Dorothy’s sister comes to Miami when she looses all her money

Plot: The pen pal

The Nanny: Val and Fran’s long time pen pal comes to New York
Golden Girls: The convict Blanche has been writing to gets out of prison

Plot: The boyfirend hits on her best friend

The Nanny: Val’s new boyfriend makes a pass at Fran and they get into a fight
Golden Girls: Dorothy’s doctor boyfriend hits on Blanche and they get into a fight

Plot: Feuding Family

The Nanny: Sylvia and her sister Aunt Rita haven’t talked because a fight at a party
Golden Girls: Sophia’s sister Angela comes to Miami and to continue their fight (which started at a party)

Plot: Date with a highschool classmate

The Nanny: Fran goes on a date with an old classmate who threatens to kills himself
Golden Girls: Dorothy goes out with the man who stood her up for her junior prom

Plot: Moving Out

The Nanny: Fran and Val move into an apartment in a gay building
Golden Girls: Rose moves out after a near death experience

Plot: Unclaimed Baby

The Nanny: Fran kidnaps a women’s baby my mistake on the subway
Golden Girls: A baby is left at the house after a marathon

Plot: Heart Attack

The Nanny: Niles becomes a pest when after his heart attack
Golden Girls: Stan moves in and takes advantage after his heart surgery

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