Travel Plans

Every October at work we can start to submitt all the days we’d like off for the following year. Getting them in early gives you a better chance of getting what you want. For 2012 I want to try new events and new places. This is the list of possible events to pick and choose from. I also need to plan it out for my budget. Sadley I think I’m going to pass on TBRU in 2012. It’s a great time and I’ve always loved it. However I’ve gone for the past 4 years and I want to put my money toward something different. But I’ll add it to the list as a strong maybe. As for the Top Shelf Cruise…I had big hopes that it would be cheaper because it’s a mostly straight boat. Sadley they prices are higher then I hoped. (I was hoping for about $800- $1000) It will have to stay on the my wish list for now. The rest are all strong possibilies because they can be done on a long weekend.

May 24 – 28
Oct 28 – 30
July 7 – 15
June 27- July 2
March 15 – 19
May 31 – June 3
Sept 9 – 16
Sept 30


Bear Pride Chicago
BearWeek in Ptown
Spooky Bear Ptown
TBRU Dallas
Tidal Wave Orlando
Gay Pride Toronto
Top Shelf Cruise of Italy and Greece
Folsom St Fair San Francisco

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