What’s on TV?

My creativity has been dead this past week. I’ve been racking my brain trying to think of new topics… but I keep coming up empty. The only thing I can think of is television. With a new season starting, there are a bunch of new and returning programs.

A List NY– The A List was never an award winner, but it always had a bitchy charm. This season the charm is gone. Austin, the charming southern bad boy is up to his usual antics. Thank god because without him there wouldn’t be a show. All of the cast members spend the whole episode moaning and growning about his latest adventure. Frankly it gotten quite boring. Tip: follow the cast on Twitter and get the up to date dish. Also, Nyasha needs to go!

America’s Next Top Model (All Stars)- Tyra is finally doing an All Star show. She has invited back some of the more memorable cast members from years past. In reality there are a handful of favorites amongst a group of girls that can best be described as “Oh yeah, I think I remember her..?” If you’re a fan of the show this season won’t disappoint.

Free Agents– Unwatchable

Happy Endings– The new season hasn’t started yet but I’m very excited! Tune in September 29th on ABC.

Real Housewives of NY– In case you haven’t heard… Jill, Kelly, Cindy and Alex are off the show. They are being replaced by Carole Radziwill, Heather Thomson, & Aviva Drescher. You can google them to find out more.

Project Runway– Similar to ANTM, Heidi and friends are back with the usual cast and creations. There’s nothing particularly new or ground breaking about this season, but it’s still entertaining. I’ll continue to watch and enjoy it. With that said… Bert has lost his charm and the British Asian needed to go home. (Keep an eye out for the spin off  Project Accessory)

Up All Night– Ever season Christina Applegate is another new show. Why do they keep giving her a second chance? Anyhow, I watched Up All Night because there was nothing else on. It wasn’t horrible. I am surprised to say that I actually liked it. The show reminds me of a modern day Mad About You. (+ a baby)

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