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As many are aware, the homosexual element in America is uniquely versed in the perverse. For politicians, community leaders and all people of faith, it is important that we inform ourselves about the true face of the world these people inhabit. With this in mind, it should be noted that the report that follows is probably the most unsettling exposé that has ever crossed this reporter’s desk. It is so shocking and painful that it is necessary to state that what lies ahead will haunt even the most stoic adherents of decency.
The purpose of this investigation is to elucidate the precise form of immorality we are inviting into our sacred nation with the approval of the fastest growing radical lifestyle choice we have ever seen. It is not an easy subject but it demands an honest and direct exploration. Now, with great trepidation, we introduce the topic under discussion below: analingus sex.

Anal sex is a common activity in the “gay scene.” “Topping” (penetrating a man’s anus with a penis) and “bottoming” (a man being penetrated by a penis) are both well-known terms in homosexual vernacular. Radical carnal adventurers will go to

great lengths to beautify a cavity meant solely for the disposal of human waste (defecation). Despite this, “power bottoming” is a popular issue among liberals. Gay men will do almost anything to show off an unpleasant area of their bodies with lustful abandon in public, on the internet and even in our homes. Sadly, the fad of analingus sex is even more repulsive.

Analingus refers to the oral copulation of the anal cavity. In frank language, it means one man parts the buttocks of another and inserts his face between the abundant, odoriferous globes before him. By darting the tongue forward rapidly, he hopes to encourage ecstasy in his partner. The bigger the tongue, the greater the reaction. Some take long, lapping licks around the whole buttock region, while others go right for the pinkest center of the hole itself. In hardcore homosexual groups, this is known as “rimming.”

Rimming is an unsettling act and the novice will require copious amounts of saliva to lubricate the profoundly invasive rectal action that ensues. His hole will be spat upon and the spit will then be licked up. At times, a finger will be used to titillate the colon and the recipient will beg for the licker to continue. Other times, spanking and shouting accompany the analingus to give the whole glutinous maximum region the attention so anxiously craved.

For Youths: Rimming can be the gateway to a longtime addiction to sodomistic intercourse. It preps the anus for deeper abuse by another male. Because of their tender years, these boys tend to have little hair on the buttocks or maybe just a wisp of it around the pink entry itself. Parents should be aware that this crude interaction is normally done– after an excessive demand for privacy– in a locked bedroom or on a camping trip late at night.

For Twentysomethings: In this demographic, the analingus becomes a form of foreplay akin to oral copulation during a homosexual encounter. One may find himself pressed against the wall of a dorm room shower or in the darkened basement of an urban disco. The gay licker will enjoy the burgeoning hairiness there. He may spend minutes and maybe much longer pleasuring the fetid crevice of a man he has just met. It’s a crass way of introducing oneself and one’s erotic prowess to say the least!

For Athletes: Cleanliness is not usually necessary. Some lust for the taste of sweat– that salty, damp hole exuding a uniquely human taste of manliness and strength that the rimmer can never get enough of as he licks and licks, grappling the muscled hips of his wily coconspirator, blissfully unconcerned about the others who may share the very same locker room or sauna after a hearty workout.

For Older Males: Being sweat- and excrement-free is not important since the goal here is to push the limits, to engage in the raunchiest festival of prideful sin one can imagine. They will pry open the backside channel and invade with unsuspected dedication during copulation (with the recipient usually enjoying the surprise and attention). They will use their bearded faces to scratch and arouse the rimming spot, grabbing the bottom man’s jeans tightly and leaving him little chance to wrangle free. The interaction will be peppered with expletives and compliments, making the entire production both loud and unnerving.

For Inter-generational Rimming:
A young man confused by same-sex attraction may seek access to the upper confines of the gay elite by offering his anus to an older man who has a taste for pert, youthful buttocks. The confused boy will be bent over the edge of a hot tub or the wooden bench of a private cabin (this is the sort of place you find in the secret sex dungeons of America’s inner cities). He will submit to the colonic invasion of a hairy-faced man, possibly weeping somewhere deep inside for his lost innocence as that forked-tongue laps up what is left of his youth. Little does the young man realize that the analingus he is experiencing is simply a prologue to an imminent round of rapid, excruciating penetration by the adult’s prodigious girth.

Anthropologist Shane Allison has thoroughly explored this lurid trend in a volume entitled, “Nice Butt: Gay Anal Eroticism” which revealed the surprising surge of interest among young and old men alike for rectal fornication. Over the last five years, there has also been an alarming surge of anal-oral stimulation in homosexual videos found all over the internet. Some even employ “rimming” as a keyword for users to locate specific films that highlight this vivid, unceasing performance. On Craigslist and other gay social sites, men will advertise their propensity for this salacious sport, demanding a mate who is committed to fulfilling their shameful needs in long, sweaty sessions that often take place in rented apartments or public parks.

It’s unclear where the analingus trend began, but the rise in illegal immigrants from Mexico and South America neatly overlaps with its growth in American households.

Anal copulation has long been a common element in homosexual relations among Chicanos. As a culture, they fetishize the anus and memorialize it in song. For dominant men, anal penetration is a crude but effective way to claim ownership of a mate. A strong-armed and hairy-chested Latino may grab a weaker, more effeminate Caucasian and transgress him with a spasm of unrelenting consumption. Ultimately, this extreme cross-border violation is little different than International Terrorism. And the sad result is the same– the immutable bondage of one race of man to another.
Beneath this carefully crafted public relations campaign funded by the liberal elite and a powerful cadre of millionaire homosexual activists, the fact remains that the gay lifestyle is abhorrent to the public when truthfully unmasked. As many anthropologists, scientists and religious leaders have testified, this dangerous addiction to perversion goes against all the procreative underpinnings of mankind. It is evident that the analingus fad spreads rebellion, undermines our creative and military strengths and ultimately results in economic troubles the likes of which we are experiencing now under Barack Obama’s tumultuous reign. Tragically, there seems to be little hope this will change as long as “rimming” remains ones of the hottest trends in the homosexual circuit right now

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