Toxic Tales

This is from a blog I found via Twitter:

‘What was different this time from the other times was that in the middle of sex he started saying stuff like “Yeah, give me that poz load…”, “Charge me up…”, etc. That was new for him. When I first met him he was really unclear about his HIV status. One moment he’d say he was neg, then he’d say he wasn’t sure, then he’d say he was poz and not on meds… He told me just about everything to the point where I had no clue. So here he was begging for a poz load. Thing is, I’m neg… But the middle of fucking someone is not the time to go into status, so I just didn’t say anything. If he was getting off thinking I was blowing some big toxic load in his cunt – well let him have his fantasy…’

Wow! Ok if you’re anything like me, your mind is spinning with questions. Let me first get the PC stuff out of the way. What two consenting adults do is their own business. The only people that should regulate and govern sex are its participants. This doesn’t effect me so I have no business judging the situation.
With that out of the way, I still can’t help but be confused and perplexed. The main part I can’t get passed it the sentence “When I first met him he was really unclear about his HIV status.” This implies a couple things:
1. He was not upfront about his HIV status and therefore was lying/dishonest.
2. ‘When I first met him’ means that you’ve seen (fucked) him more then once despite the HIV fogginess.
3. You fucked him bareback even though you and he didn’t know his status.
Where do I even begin? Lets break it down chronologically. I don’t know these people personally so I’ll have to make assumptions and fill in the gaps. ‘The top’ meets a hot ‘bottom‘ who tells him he’s negative so they decide to fuck bareback. This is a big assumption, but I’ll give them the benifit of the doubt and assume everyone thought everyone was negative at the start. Not the safest decision but who am I to judge.
Let’s continue on…The sex was good and the top wants more. The next time they chat the bottom says he’s not sure of his status. Here is where a red flag should have gone up. (if not before) To go from negative to unsure tells me that something happened to changed his mind/status. This is where I don’t understand the train of thought. The bottom has obviously been risky and taken a load or two (or 25) bareback. He’s also being surprisingly upfront by saying has no idea or care about HIV. Yet the top decides to fuck him again anyways. Really? I would love to know the thought process behind that decision, but I’m guessing deep thought wasn’t involved much. So life goes on and still the top continue to see or talk to this person who now tells him he’s poz and not on meds. Ok, this is the point where logic should kick in. No matter how hard-up you are for ass. The bottom he is fucking without a condom has now told him he has HIV and not on meds. That’s the universe sending a smack in the face signal. Proceed with caution… wrap up your dick! We’re not taking about extreme safety measures here, just a basic condom. If someone is unclear and gives different answers to the question “What’s your status?” My assumption is positive until proven otherwise. Especially when the bottom has said at some points that he’s poz. Does the top care if he gets infected? Does he want to be infected? Has the thought of infection ever crossed his mind?
So many questions. 
As the post continues you learn the top also has a Prince Albert piercing. Which, by the way, just increases the risk of anal tearing, bleeding, and infection. The bottom is not blame free because there is an obvious sence of dishonesty. Part of me hopes this story is exaggerated for reader enjoyment. Maybe the whole thing is made up. The sad thing is that even if it’s fiction, it’s not unbelievable. I’m sure a similar story has played out before in bedrooms across the country.

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