Hurricane Tips

Hurricane Irene is heading toward the Northeast and here are some helpful tips to help you through the storm:

Turn up your fridge and make it as cold as possible. If you loose power your food will stay colder longer.

During a storm it’s very easy for a tree or branch to fall and cause major damage to your car. If you don’t have a garage try a leaving it in a near by parking lot to avoid falling debris.

Everyone stocks up on batteries during a storm. Why? You can use them for flashlights… and what else? Your tv remote uses batteries but with the power outage kills that need.

I personally hate to read, but a power outage is a good time to finish up on any summer reading.

Secure your trash cans. They will be the first items to take flight or roll down the road during strong winds.

If you end up with damage to your home or vehicle consider calling your insurance company. Also consider when you call. If the damage is minor or cosmetic consider waiting a week or two to report the damage. Insurance companies are going to be flooded with claims in the days to come. Holding for an hour (or more) is not unheard of after a major storm. When the damage is weather related, reporting the a claim a week later won’t have any effect on it’s results. If you have damage that can’t wait check to see if you can report claims online. My employer even has a mobile app for the iPhone. It will be much faster then calling (me) on the phone.

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