Goodbye Andy Gasp

It took 23 days, but Andy Gasp now has 100 friends on Facebook. When I set up his profile I wanted to see how easy it would be for a total stranger to start a life on Facebook. Armed with a picture of an unknown bear hotty I gave Andy a basic back story. He was born and raised in Columbus, OH because it sounded neutral and had a hint of middle America. Also my former employer Bath and Body Works is located there. He moved to New York to study fashion design at Parson’s and now works for Hermes. You’ll remember Hermes as the snooty French store that was having a private party and would not let Oprah in. When it came to his interest I tried to create an intellectual-hiptser vibe. The two books listed Stone Butch Blues and The Bluest Eye are two of the last novels I read in college. Two of the last novels I’ve read in general. Music ranged from Sonic Youth and Radiohead (hispter) to Robyn and Sara Bareilles (intellectual). His favorite tv personality is Gordon Elliot, who he has a cruch on. That post came from eating dinner at the bar of the Trumbel Kitchen. Our bartender was asking if it was strange that she liked him. She was turned on by his anger.

Andy aka Jim
Other interesting points: Two people that accepted Andy’s request had de-friended me (Joe) months before. Three guys tried to chat him up through private message. I only answered one with a polite ‘thanks you.’ (It was hotty Matt the bartender’s ex-boyfriend for those of you local to CT) He got de-friended once by a guy who recognized one of the photos as his friend Jim. He also supposedly reported Andy to Facebook but I have yet to see or hear anything about it. The main picture I found on It was a snap of Alexander Wang w/ two models from Fashion Night Out in New York. “Andy” just happened to be a cute guy in the background. Special thanks needs to go to Chris Haese for providing the extra photos. Good job.
Where will Andy go? What will Andy do? He’ll just fade away when he moves to Paris for his new promotion. I’m not going to do a big ‘reveal’ and expose the hoax. I’m not trying to piss people off or make them feel foolish. The profile will be de-activated for now. Maybe down the line I’ll start it up again and spy on you.

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