Late Night Realizations

I couldn’t sleep around 3:30 – 4am this morning. Here is what I discovered:

I watched Russian Dolls on Lifetime. Picture a Russian blend of the Jersey Shore and the Real Housewives. I think I liked it. Especially the Grandma Pagant.

When I can’t sleep my mind starts to race and go over all the details of life. Ususally that means a low self-esteem spiral into why I’m so fucked up. And yes I’m really fucked up. Very similar to Miranda from Sex in the City, I’m emotionally crippled and I tend to only like men who don’t like me in return. Oh and I have a repetitve patern of being replaced.

The topics I came up with for future blog posts are: I can’t stand Tyler Perry, I should buy a fancy box to put all my feelings in, and Why have I been trying to change myself for the last 10 years?

I want to like Fran Drecher’s new show Happily Divorced but it’s kind of boring and not that funny. The show has also used every cliche’ sitcome storyline in the book.  However I could watch the Nanny for hours on end.

I get paid on Monday and Monday can’t come quick enough. Seriously. Visa is gonna get a work out this weekend.

***A special Note*** I purposely chose NOT to use spell check on this post. I have always had a learning disability and I’m a horrible speller. Can you spot all 4 spelling mistakes?


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