Don’t Turn Around!

Here is one thing I hate: You see a guy from behind and he looks hot enough to suck on the spot. But as he turns, you get a look at him from the front…and he looks like Steve Bushemi’s ugly brother. NOOOOO! All that potential waisted. Even worse he could turn around and be a butch lesbian! (Yes, we’ve all had it happen) Everything about the studly hunk of man to the right says hot…but you never know what’s lurking beyond the beard and sweat shirt. He could have a face tattoo and rotten teeth. Some people are just better looking from behind. I guess if your tongue is buried in his ass it doesn’t matter as much, but an ugly face can kill a hot body very quickly.

I don’t know what the front of this man looks like but I home it’s good. Whatever your definition of good is,

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