Shopping Tip #4

Try Everything On!

When you’re out shopping try it before you buy it. Here are two examples. I have purchased these two shirts from the Polo Factory Store. Take a moment and study the pictures, What we’re looking for here is fit. They both fit well. The strange part is the light blue polo in the top picture is a size Large. The bottom plaid button-down is a size XXL. It’s a perfect example of two items from the same store that are cut differently. Try it on.

The second story isn’t about fit. Instead it’s about hanger appeal. We’ve all been in a store and picked up an item that is perfect. Perfect until it’s on and it looks like a Euro trash pimp. It’s common that once on, an item of clothing can look much worse then on the hanger. Have you ever had the opposite happen? I was in J. Crew with a friend over the weekend. He picked up a pair of chambray shorts. When I first saw the shorts I cringed. Not only did I dislike them, I loathed them. They looked like fat old man shorts. He persisted and I suggested that he try them on to be sure. When he came out of the dressing they looked amazing! So amazing that I wanted to drop to my knees and burry my face in both his front and back end. I was proven wrong. The shorts looked much better on him then they did on the hanger.

So my advice: Try it on. You may be surprised by what you see in the dressing room mirror.

P.S  I apologize for the poor picture quality.


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