Meet Andy Gasp

I’m trying out a social experiement. I created a fake profile on Facebook. His name is Andy Gasp. I want to see how many people will befriend someone they don’t know just because they see a cute picture. For this to work though, I need your help. Send Andy a friend request to get the ball rolling. People are much more likely to ‘friend’ someone if they see that they have friends in common. Once I get a decent list of 10 or so people I’ll start sending out mass friend requests! I want to create a whole personality for him. Right now he works for Hermes the snooty French fashion brand. But maybe he’ll have a career change soon or go back to school for his masters in Underwater Basket Weaving? He’ll have a back story and I’ve already chosen tv shows, movies, and books for him to like. The sky is the limit when it’s all imaginary. This will be our little secret. How funny would it be if he became more popular then I am.

I’ll post updates about how the experiment is going 🙂

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