Fatboys, Bobbleheads, and Gay Art Critics

Female celebs are not the only ones who can can go through a dramatic weight loss. Their pudgy male counterparts are getting in on the trend. I’ll admitt from the start that I am biased. It’s no secret that I prefer a man with a belly. Truth be told though it all depends on the person and how they carry the weight. Here are five examples of male actors who shed some poundage.

First is Jerry Ferrara star if HBO’s Entourage. This is the perfect example of bigger is better. I always thought he was one of the cutest guys in Hollywood. He was so cute! After the weight loss I can’t help but think average, forgetable, and generic.

Next is Ethan Suplee from My Name is Earl. As Earl’s chubby brother Randy he had a cute dumb guy quality. Now he is healthy and svelt. As a skinny guy he looks pretty good but his forehead is ENORMOUS. Fat has a way of balancing out a large head. Nothing is worse then the former fat guy who is turns into a skinny bobblehead. My advice: Put the hat back on.

Poor Drew Carey. You built your career on being the lovable chubby everyman. Now the host of the Price is Right looks like a gay art critic. Gain the weight back or learn the nuances of Julian Schnabel.

Jonah Hill recently unveiled his new look at the ESPY awards. This is a tough one. Lets be honest, he wasn’t that cute before and he’s not that cute after. My vote is the after (thin) because if you’re going to be unattractive either way…you may as well be healthy. But will he be as funny?
Ricky Gervais has slimmed down as well. He is the only person who maintained his looks for the most part. It helps that he did not have as dramatic a change as some of the other guys. Before or after…he’s average. However it seems like he has become more of a dickhead now that he is lighter. So this one’s a toss up!
Horatio Sanz wins the award for looking a the best after his weight loss. However he looks almost unrecognizable! When I first saw him on tv after loosing weight I had no idea who the hell he was. Congrats Horatio.

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