Print It

Am I the only person who still prints out pictures? I still like having paper copies. I like the idea of getting older and flipping through my photo albums to remember the ‘good ol days.’ In addition I like to frame memorable pics to place around my room. I guess I could invest in one of those digital frames… but that seems like cheating somehow. Usually I’ll use to print out all my digital images. This most recent purchase included the 8×10 collage to the left. It was a last minute add as I was checking out. A box popped up with it already put together asking if I’d like to add it to my purchase. It was only $3.00! I got it on the mail today and I love it. I suspect I’ll be making a lot of these collages from now on.

What if Facebook crashed tomorrow? Your page and all of your friends’ pages would be whiped out. Bye Bye pictures! I guess what I’m talking about is a back up plan. Technology is great but it is not fool proof. Yes it will be around forever but not always in the same form. Even if Facebook continues on for decades, it doesn’t mean that computers and digital photography will remain the same.  Like everything else it will evolve into something completely different. God only know what Apple has up their sleave. I like knowing that I have paper copies as a back up. Now I just need to make sure and grab them if a fire breaks out.

You don’t have to be like me and print them out…but at least save them to a flash drive. The best $50 I ever spent was on a 16GB flash drive. So for my tip of the day: Back Up Picture Files! Two or three times a year I spend an hours or so going through Facebook and saving all the pictures from past parties and vacations.  Currently I have about 7 full albums.


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