I Swear I’ll Stop Talking About It.

I’ve made a decision! My decision is not to make a decision. For my 30th Birthday I am going to stop thinking and worrying about it. In an effort to change and do things differently…I’m going to wait until the last minute and go wherever the wind takes me. I’m a planner by nature. I like to know when, where, how, and how much. But to start off my 30’s I’m going to be spontaneous. Maybe I’ll stay home and watch a good movie or maybe I’ll go on a road trip. Who knows where I’ll end up? Now I realize I’m planning my spontaneity which slightly defeats the purpose, but give me a break…Baby Steps!

Also this will hopefully be my last posting about the whole event. I can imagine as a reader you are sick of my birthday before it’s even arrived. I just want to have a really good birthday this year. I’ve never had a bad birthday, but I’ve also never had a very memorable one. I’m taking the risk and getting my hopes up.

**So far to date my 28th Birthday is my most memorable. I did a shot out of Matt (he’s so hot it’s a shame he likes skinny boys)’s belly at Tommy’s.

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