At The Movies

The real Winklevoss twins

I’ve been on a movie kick lately. Nothing beats getting lost in the story line of a good movie. Here is a recap of what I’ve seen so far:

The Social Network– I re-watched it today and it was as good as I remember. I’m still amazed that the Winklevoss twins were really one person. *****

The Blind Side– I finally got around to seeing Sandy Bullocks Oscar winning role. To be honest I never really wanted to see the movie because the whole idea of Sandra with a southern accent seemed kind of cheesy. Through the gift of HBO, I finally got on the band wagon. I’ll be the first to tell you I was wrong. It was such a good movie! (I cried about 7 times during the film) *****

Page One– This is the New York Times documentary. You can read the review from my earlier post.  ****

For Colored Girls– This was a Netflix pick. (I’m getting down to the bottom of my list) It held my attention and was over all a good movie. Heavy, but good. The movie was based on a play and you can tell the screen writer didn’t change much in the adaptation. In every scene one of the characters has a long monologue that has nothing to do with the conversation their having at the time. ***

Horrible Bosses– This was a date movie. Again it wasn’t at the top of my list but I was pleasantly surprised. It was very funny. The whole cast is hilarious and the plot isn’t as far fetched as I expected. ****

Bad Teacher– I love Cameron Diaz in this movie. It was hysterical! If you haven’t seen it yet…it’s a great time at the theater. *****

Michael Oher and the Tuohy family

*Next on my list are Crazy Stupid Love and The Beginners.


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