Page One

After a week of lame atempts, I finally made it to the movies to see Page One: Inside the New York Times. I give it two thumbs up. I found it extremely interesting. The major point of the documentary is to show the once ‘King of Print Journalism’ in trouble as a response to the evolving landscape of modern news reporting. Print news is becoming more out of date as blogging and electronic media takes over. Personally I thought the NY Times had one foot in the grave already. The film showes that they still have some fight left in them. It also points out that many new online sources are just rehashing content taken from other sites rather then sending their own reporters in. As with all documentaries Page One follows a handful of reports to gain different perspectives. The old school reporter who’s been around the block, the young up and comer who tweets and uses social media…etc. If you’re not interested in the subject matter you might find it boring. This is a good choice if you saw and liked The September Issue.

Also, look for a sub plot about the bankrupy of the Tribune Company. (owner of the Hartford Courant) The details of that company’s fall would make a great movie! They show a video of chairman Sam Zell joking that there should be a porn section in the paper to increase sales.

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