Birthday Update

The plan was to travel for my 30th Birthday. That still may happen…but I won’t be traveling as far. Here’s the short version on how the plans are shaping up.

What’s Out

Minneapolis– It’s an area of the country I’ve never seen before. With very reasonable hotel prices and convenient attractions like the State Fair and the Mall of America, Minneapolis took an early lead. The problem is that flights are running over $400. For now Minnesota will stay uncheck on my travel list.

New Orleans– Southern Decadence is the same weekend as my birthday. The good thing is that I already have friends going but I’m not sure if this is the right trip for my 30th. In addition planning a trip to hurricane central during hurricane season doesn’t seem like a good idea. We’ve had enough crazy weather this year…I don’t want to mess with Mother Nature. Bye Bye New Orleans.

Chicago– This was a last minute consideration. If Minneapolis won’t work maybe Chicago would. It’s a bigger city and there are many more flight options. I’ve always heard great reviews about the windy city and it’s also on my list places to go. However flight prices are similar to MN but without the hotel deals. So long Chicago.

Las Vegas– This was also a last minute thought. I was hoping to find the super travel deals Vegas is famous for. There were deals, but nothing exceptional. I suspect the holiday weekend is playing a bigger part then I thought it would.

Still in the running:

Washington DC– The nations capital is within driving distance and the money saved could be used toward a nicer hotel.

New York City– I still can’t decide if I like New York. However I’ve never spent more then the day at a time visiting. But the city does have everything and going to a Broadway show is very appealing.

Connecticut– Staying local is currently leading the pack. Half of my friends will be away that weekend so a party doesn’t seem logical. A quiet dinner or movie may be what the doctor orders.

Any other suggestions? I’m having trouble thinking of fun adventures in and around CT. A fall back is always the casino but are there other destinations I’m forgetting?



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