Random Thoughts

The last songs I downloaded from iTunes were:
 Alone by Heart
 Blow by Ke$ha
 Just Can’t Get Enough by The Black Eyed Peas
 Dancing On My Own by Robyn
 Call Your Girlfriend by Robyn
 Buffalo Stance by Neneh Cherry

I’m getting tired of living in a shitty apartment just because it’s in a great location.

Surprise Surprise! I had a very successful first date Monday night.

I’m thinking of getting a second job…but is it worth it? I figure if I work at the mall 5 hours a week at
$10/hr the most my paycheck will be is about $30. (after taxes)  I’ll have to weigh the loss of free time vs the money.

I’m in the mood for Black Raspberry Ice Cream

Now that I’m in poor mode, I can think of a million things to spend money on.

Has anyone tried the frozen hot chocolate from Dunkin Donuts? It looks Goooood!

In with Jesus, out with Hitler.


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