aka Vernacular

If you make a joke long enough does it become reality? This will be easier to explain in a story:


I’ve known many (whitey whites aka ‘Crackers‘) over the years who use urban vernacular aka ‘ebonics’ in everyday conversation to be funny. The beige middle class stealing minority culture because they lack their own identity. For example, two middle age white males from suburban Connecticut have the following conversation:

Trevor: Hey Todd, How’ve you been?

Todd: I’ve been good. Working hard, playin hard. I keepz it realz yo!
Trevor and Todd: *Laugh* *Laugh* *Laugh*

I’ve never really gotten the joke but the crowds seem to laugh. Se la ve. But I’ve started to wonder…at what point does the joke end and your conversation skill begin. I have a news flash for you, after a couple years the joke is gone and forgotten. That’s just how you talk. You’re basically doing a parody of yourself. I have no problem with slag if it’s authenically your culture. One could make the arguement that with modern media more people grow up a culture dominated by rap and hip-hop. That’s true but it doesn’t explain why out-of-touch middle aged men and women feel the need to talk this way. I guess the only thing worse is using the slang and not getting the joke. We’ve all met them. The Asian gangsta, the Irish thug, and the Russian rapper. For those people I appologize to you and for you. I don’t think you can be helped.  

Truthfully, It’s not a major problem or epidemic…It’s just an observation.


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