And Then There’s Maude

This is what’s been on my mind this week:

My new drink of choice is shots of Rimplemintz
I’ve always had a weakness for bearish hippy guys. (Stoners) Although we usually have nothing in common I love their relaxed easy going nature. Example: Sexy Matt the bartender.
My new favorite saying is “and there’s Maude.” It’s best used when you need a funny quip to break awkward tension.
I had a winter hibernation and therefore I’ve only had sex twice in the last 6-8 months. One of those times was rimming a friends ass. Does that even count? I need to have more sex this summer.
While I was at Providence Pride, I made a conscious effort at the bar to smile more. My relaxed facial expression may not look inviting. It made a small but noticable difference.
Pride Parades should always be at night. It’s a much better idea.
Finding new Xtube videos are like a little present from god.  

One thought on “And Then There’s Maude

  1. You have a great smile! Smiling always makes a difference. I have to force myself to smile. Smiling doesn't come naturally for me, unless some external stimuli causes it.


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