My Travel Bucket List

For all the places I’ve been, there are three trips that I still haven’t taken. First, A Mediterranean (Gay) Cruise. I’ve traveled to Italy and southern France but my dream to experience it all on a relaxing cruise. Plus I’ve never been to Spain and with a cruise I could kill two birds with one stone. (The route pictured to the right is from RSVP’s cruise in July 2011).

Next on my list is the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain. If I ever have enough money for a Mediterranean cruise hopefully I can take an extra day or two and swing up to this architectural wonder.  

Sydney Australia rounds out my top three. Hot Ausie men and toilet water that twists the opposite way…Woohoo! Sydney also hosts one of the world’s biggest Gay Pride celebrations. It would be a shame not to see it at least once. However a heavy price tag and epic flight times knock it down to third place.

Honorable Mention goes to:
Chicago IL
Seattle WA
Stockholm Sweden
Rio de Janeiro Brazil
Minneapolis MN
San Diego CA


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