Am I a Snob?

I’ve never been to Hillside. Everything I know about it comes from stories and pictures and not first hand knowledge.

With that being said…why does it look like an Ozark retirement village? I was looking at the pics from Memorial Day weekend and I was trying and imagine myself there. Who would I talk to? What would we talk about? I honestly don’t know. (other then the super hot Ian… My mouth would do anything he was involved in) I’m guessing there would be strange looks for my genuine excitement over finding a gray jersey blazer at Kenneth Cole. But with no TV or electronics to keep me busy I’m going need someone who has an extensive knowledge of Girls Will Be Girls, AbFab or Lady Gaga to keep the conversation going. However similar to the Leather crowd and the NE Ursamen, the gruff and burley bears of Hillside look to butch and serious for my special brand of humor. Like I’ve said before, I’m an acquired taste. I’m not going to blame it all on age either because I think that would be a copout. I’ll call it ‘point of view.’ My point of view and general sensibility seems to be far different then the no-nonsense camping world. I love nonsense. Maybe the magic and mystique of camping is lost in pictures. Seeing as how I’ve made a lot of assumptions about summer’s favorite pastime maybe this will be the year I loose my camping virginity. It’s one of the few virginities I have left.

Also please don’t mistake this as a knock on Hillside or camping. Far from it! I just question if it’s right for me. Trust me. It’s not them…it’s me.

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