Random Thoughts

The last songs I downloaded from iTunes were:
 Alone by Heart
 Blow by Ke$ha
 Just Can’t Get Enough by The Black Eyed Peas
 Dancing On My Own by Robyn
 Call Your Girlfriend by Robyn
 Buffalo Stance by Neneh Cherry

I’m getting tired of living in a shitty apartment just because it’s in a great location.

Surprise Surprise! I had a very successful first date Monday night.

I’m thinking of getting a second job…but is it worth it? I figure if I work at the mall 5 hours a week at
$10/hr the most my paycheck will be is about $30. (after taxes)  I’ll have to weigh the loss of free time vs the money.

I’m in the mood for Black Raspberry Ice Cream

Now that I’m in poor mode, I can think of a million things to spend money on.

Has anyone tried the frozen hot chocolate from Dunkin Donuts? It looks Goooood!

In with Jesus, out with Hitler.


aka Vernacular

If you make a joke long enough does it become reality? This will be easier to explain in a story:


I’ve known many (whitey whites aka ‘Crackers‘) over the years who use urban vernacular aka ‘ebonics’ in everyday conversation to be funny. The beige middle class stealing minority culture because they lack their own identity. For example, two middle age white males from suburban Connecticut have the following conversation:

Trevor: Hey Todd, How’ve you been?

Todd: I’ve been good. Working hard, playin hard. I keepz it realz yo!
Trevor and Todd: *Laugh* *Laugh* *Laugh*

I’ve never really gotten the joke but the crowds seem to laugh. Se la ve. But I’ve started to wonder…at what point does the joke end and your conversation skill begin. I have a news flash for you, after a couple years the joke is gone and forgotten. That’s just how you talk. You’re basically doing a parody of yourself. I have no problem with slag if it’s authenically your culture. One could make the arguement that with modern media more people grow up a culture dominated by rap and hip-hop. That’s true but it doesn’t explain why out-of-touch middle aged men and women feel the need to talk this way. I guess the only thing worse is using the slang and not getting the joke. We’ve all met them. The Asian gangsta, the Irish thug, and the Russian rapper. For those people I appologize to you and for you. I don’t think you can be helped.  

Truthfully, It’s not a major problem or epidemic…It’s just an observation.


New York Pride

Just before midnight on Friday 6/24/2011 New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the same sex marriage bill into law. Normally I would congratulate New York and be done with it. I don’t live in the state and therefore their politics do not directly effect me.

This time it’s a little different though. Allowing same sex couples to get married in NY is a major milestone. Up until now the 5 states that legalized gay marriage were Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Iowa. (and Washington D.C.) Who are we kidding…none of these states matter. They are the Samantha Baker (Molly Ringwald) of Sixteen Candles. Smart, pretty, but largely forgotten and unimportant. That’s all changed now. NY is Jake Ryan and he’s picked us up to celebrate with a cake! All kidding aside, New York is a leader and if you can make it there you can make it anywhere. The gay rights movement has been unsuccessful in prominent states when marriage has come up for a vote. Yes, I’m talking about you California. Hopefully this is a signal that the tide is shifting and more states will follow the Empire State’s lead. With the perfect end to the pride season, coincidently with New York Pride this weekend, show your spirit and celebrate. Yes we still have 44 states to go, but slow and steady wins the race.

6 Pieces Every Man Should Own

Buy anything MESH! You must admitt everyone looks better is mesh. Try these mesh shorts courtesy of Dolce and Gabbana.

A faux patent leather shirt is an instant classic. Choose a bright color to make sure all your friends notice your smart shopping.

An oversized floral print shirt pays homage to 70’s fashion leader Mr. Furley. Mix several different floral prints in the same shirt for extra style.

Stand out at work with a tiger print dress shirt. Trust me your boss will take notice and you’ll get that promotion in no time.

Nothing says summer like a sexy pair of sandles. Mustard yellow feels modern and edgy. If you’re worried about ugly feet, just slip on matching dress sock for a hipster feel.

Sometimes fashion can be frivolous. Stay grounded with a classic clear plastic blazer. It’s practical and you are still able to show off your new shirt underneath!
Yes I am kidding. However all the pictures are came from the recent Men’s wear shows for Spring 2012 on Style.com. Just because it’s expensive doesn’t mean it’s pretty.  (pictured: Dolce and Gabbana, Prada, Jill Sander, and Versace)

And Then There’s Maude

This is what’s been on my mind this week:

My new drink of choice is shots of Rimplemintz
I’ve always had a weakness for bearish hippy guys. (Stoners) Although we usually have nothing in common I love their relaxed easy going nature. Example: Sexy Matt the bartender.
My new favorite saying is “and there’s Maude.” It’s best used when you need a funny quip to break awkward tension.
I had a winter hibernation and therefore I’ve only had sex twice in the last 6-8 months. One of those times was rimming a friends ass. Does that even count? I need to have more sex this summer.
While I was at Providence Pride, I made a conscious effort at the bar to smile more. My relaxed facial expression may not look inviting. It made a small but noticable difference.
Pride Parades should always be at night. It’s a much better idea.
Finding new Xtube videos are like a little present from god.  

Damn You Marc Jacobs

What do you see when you look at this picture?

What if I told you this was the latest ad campaign for Marc Jacobs. I’ve always hated his print ads because the general theme is always a celebritty who looks like a cracked out homeless person. (in this case Helena Bonham Carter)  Here is my issue, yes these ads grab your attention. If he was an up and coming designer aiming for the hipster crowd I’d say good job. But he’s not. His cloths are worn by celebrities and ladies who lunch. The ads misrepresent the brand. Plus…would this make you want to spend $1000+ for a jacket? I think not. There must be something I am missing because Jacobs has been running these ads for years and has gone on to tremendous success. I still just don’t get it.

Sumer Must Have

I can’t live without Garnier Nutritioniste Detoxifying Wet Cleansing Towelettes! They are sold to remove make-up but they work great as a quick little cleaning cloth for your face or body. If you have oily skin or if you’re hot and sweaty from the summer sun these are a Must Have to wipe away the grime. Great features include a re-sealable pack and clean fresh scent. There are a lot of other brands that have a similar products but I’ve stuck with these because they tend to be one of the cheapest. (Usually between $6 and $7 at any pharmacy or store) Also a great idea for traveling! Look for them in the skin car section amongst the facial washes.